The Love for Life...

Message from Pluto is a website about the love for life. It’s not all about rainbows and roses, because life can’t really exist without all its aspects. Pluto,the dark, far away (exo-)planet has been cast out of the solar system just like Pluto, the God of the Underworld, has been cast out from the world of the living.

The real question, though, is:

Can we fight our demons by just shutting them out of our life?

The universe is dark inside and out, but when a galaxy is born, it burns brightly like a fireball. Life is always about light and dark, never separating them. Dark and Light are married, and we can learn to love them as the couple as which they appear everywhere.

I am very, very sure we can.
Becaue, as we live through our life cycles, we experience it all.
We come from the darkness of our mother’s womb into the light of the world. We go through the bright and the dark sides throughout our life on this beautiful planet. When we finally reach our ‘long sleep’, we enter darkness once more, only to rise to the light where we came from – and then the cycle begins anew.
This is life.
And this is love.
And I am so eager to share my findings with you, my dearest fellow star travelers.
Please, enter, and sparkle your light upon all our beings.
Thank your for your presence.
You are beautiful. You are perfect.
Never forget.
With Love, Kat