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    reflections of ourselves 1

    Part 1: The World today, mankind has a very bad reputation. the news are full of what went wrong all around the world. people are quicker than ever to tell other people what they should change about themselves, just as quick as they are in telling themselves what stupid choices they’ve made and what they do wrong on a daily basis.   never before have there been so many opportunities for one single person as well as for the whole mankind to upgrade themselves in a matter of the shortest period of time – and never before have there been so many anxieties, doubts and regrets about it.   in…

  • a baby turtle on its way to the ocean

    the soul, the body and the ego

    Every soul on this planet came for a reason. Sometimes, the reason is for the soul to experience something new, to understand more of the universe and its surroundings, to feed the collective consciousness with more information, to help make this world and others be exactly what they are meant to be.   So all the striving, all the inner urge you feel, the restlessness, the little pushes we give ourselves – mostly subconsciously – that’s the soul telling you: This way, please, trust me.   But how can we know for sure that we’re going the right way, that we’re doing the right thing, that we are where we…