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Welcome to Message from Pluto, my little blog about personal growth, deep soul work, philosophy and spirituality in their many forms.


I hope you will find what you’re looking for and look forward to meeting you in the discussion area, where you can share your own thoughts and suggest more topics you’d like to read about.#


This blog is only starting now, so there’s not much more to say except:

Relax, read, share your thoughts, and if you liked it – spread the word!


Thank you for being here and

Lots of Love



Who am I?


My name is Kat. I am a writer, translator, tutor and sometimes, bound to old habits, still a nurse.



What do I write about?


I love thinking, writing and talking about deep stuff, spirituality, love, and the dark side that’s in all of us. I love preaching the importance of that mostly detested side in us and see myself as a fighter for demons’ rights, so to say. That’s basically what you can expect: Spiritual talk, wisdom about several spiritual branches, life hacks and philosophical approaches to everyday life questions and struggles.