Readings from the beautiful card deck
"The vault of your soul" (Gaby Shayana Hoffmann)
Week 1
Healing of the heart

the card that I have drawn for the first week of the year

That the first card of the year should be the HEALING OF THE HEART card isn’t surprising at all. How many of us have gone through their deepest fears and despair over the last two years, during that powerful, adventurous ride on the collective destiny, not even yet knowing where it will bring us?


Did you lose someone or something very close to you?

Did you get in contact with a fear you never thought you had?

Did you get in trouble?

Did you revolt?

Did you obey?

Did you do what you had to do?


One way or the other, most certainly we all went through something big, and although energetic and prophetic teachings tell us that 2022 will be the year of reconciliation, we can never be sure.

Why? Because life is never sure, no matter how much you try to take control over it.

The HEALING OF THE HEART card reminds us in the beginning of this year to remember where we truly reside.

YOUR humanity has always lived in your heart, and nowhere else. But whenever fear takes over, you believe that in order to save your heart, you need to hide it, build a wall around it, protect it from everything that might hurt it.


But suddenly, you realize that the walls you built are too thick and too high to let the golden sunrays in.

Suddenly you realize that fear has played a trick on you: It captured you in a cold, dark place where it is, in fact, everywhere.

Out of the need to feel more secure and more in control you built yourself a hole in the ground, and fear is looking down at you from the exit, blocking it forever – or so it seems.

Now is the time to heal and rise again from our holes in the ground. We can’t wait for the fear to go away, because the chances are it never will. It’s waiting for us to come out and play with it.

And what if we do?

What if, instead of hiding from our fears and hiding from the world or desperately trying to change the way things are, we slowly, gradually, step by step, move towards the entrance and look that fear in the eye, simply asking it:


“Alright then, what do you wanna play?”


And instead of condemning fear and fighting it in order to get control over it – what if we let it lead the way for us?

We can open the walls around our hearts, and finally let the sunrays inside again. Maybe they will create some shadows, and certainly there are pitfalls, dangers, losses and pain ahead – but the heart can be free again. As our humanity, the core of our being, resides in our hearts –


A free heart is a free human being.


Start the journey. Don’t be afraid. You are allowed to surrender now. Let your heart heal at your own speed.

My heart is allowed to open up to everything and heal.

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