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    That tiny super villain. Creeps up your spine when you fall unconscious, you close your eyes, you make a decision, that decision is good – until it’s not. And regret starts to work its grudge. Climbing up your back, clawing tightly into your neck, making you choke – What if I had decided differently? What if I had run left instead of right? What if I had said No instead of Yes? What if I had stayed put instead of leaving forever?What if… Regret is a devil. She crawls up on you and whispers all those guilty sentences in your ear, tells you how you did wrong, how that one…

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    Readings from the beautiful card deck “The vault of your soul” (Gaby Shayana Hoffmann) Week 1 Healing of the heart That the first card of the year should be the HEALING OF THE HEART card isn’t surprising at all. How many of us have gone through their deepest fears and despair over the last two years, during that powerful, adventurous ride on the collective destiny, not even yet knowing where it will bring us?   Did you lose someone or something very close to you? Did you get in contact with a fear you never thought you had? Did you get in trouble? Did you revolt? Did you obey? Did…

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    Programmed against love

    In essence, we all want to love and be loved in return, don’t we? Then why is it so hard for some of us to actually accept love, to maintain it, to let ourselves be truly loved? If we’re looking for that one person who will show us love and whom we can give all of our love, why are so many people struggling to find them? And why do relationships fail even though in the beginning it was crystal clear to everyone that THIS must be IT. True love. So, what is this, true love? Is it the one significant other with whom our life will forever be picture…

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    reflections of ourselves 1

    Part 1: The World today, mankind has a very bad reputation. the news are full of what went wrong all around the world. people are quicker than ever to tell other people what they should change about themselves, just as quick as they are in telling themselves what stupid choices they’ve made and what they do wrong on a daily basis.   never before have there been so many opportunities for one single person as well as for the whole mankind to upgrade themselves in a matter of the shortest period of time – and never before have there been so many anxieties, doubts and regrets about it.   in…

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    the soul, the body and the ego

    Every soul on this planet came for a reason. Sometimes, the reason is for the soul to experience something new, to understand more of the universe and its surroundings, to feed the collective consciousness with more information, to help make this world and others be exactly what they are meant to be.   So all the striving, all the inner urge you feel, the restlessness, the little pushes we give ourselves – mostly subconsciously – that’s the soul telling you: This way, please, trust me.   But how can we know for sure that we’re going the right way, that we’re doing the right thing, that we are where we…