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the soul, the body and the ego

Every soul on this planet came for a reason. Sometimes, the reason is for the soul to experience something new, to understand more of the universe and its surroundings, to feed the collective consciousness with more information, to help make this world and others be exactly what they are meant to be.


So all the striving, all the inner urge you feel, the restlessness, the little pushes we give ourselves – mostly subconsciously – that’s the soul telling you: This way, please, trust me.


But how can we know for sure that we’re going the right way, that we’re doing the right thing, that we are where we supposed to be?


Easy. There is no question at all.


Every moment in our life is exactly how it is meant to be. There is no right, there is no wrong. It’s just the way it is. And the only way we, as human beings who are always striving, searching for the “real truth” behind it all, can learn to understand that vast wisdom is acceptance. There’ll be another post about this, because acceptance, as the ground rule of faith, Tao and harmony, needs a much more deeper gaze than we are probably ready to take on this very first post at Message from Pluto..

shopping for the great vacation

“why me? what’s wrong with me? how did I deserve this? what have i done wrong? why, oh why?”


sounds familiar? are you already blaming yourself for feeling that way? if so, please, beautiful, stop. there’s nothing wrong with you, you haven’t done anything wrong and, in fact, even if it looks like the world is against you now and forever – it’s really not.


whatever you have to endure, however hard your current or past reality is or was – your soul has chosen this. there’s a reason for that, and it’s all good. whatever you do or don’t, it won’t change anything about this specific reason. you can’t blow it, you can’t make it wrong, you can’t even make it right.


let me take you on a small thought experiment. let me take you back to where it all started – for all of us, at some point.


imagine several weeks before your conception, meaning the day you were made into matter by the physical sex act. your soul is the only part of your being that already exists, everything else – body, ego, personality – is yet to come. the soul has the universal knowledge of everything, it knows that it’s going to come to the world we call planet earth, and it knows why. there’s an assignment it has to fulfill, and that’s the reason for the trip. the assignment could be something like:


  • Find true love within.
  • Experience raising children.
  • Make a scientific contribution.
  • Take one single breath.
  • Experience loneliness.
  • Find faith.
  • Be the sage others might need.

really, anything you could think of. so, that soul willingly takes the assignment, and now the shopping begins: what do i need to fulfil the assignment?


in order to find real love, for example, it will need to know what’s not real love. so the soul is going to find other souls who volunteer to help with that. like: “oh, you need someone who might destroy your dreams until you’re empty enough to be able to see the love within? right, i still need the loneliness assignment, so let’s go together, and we’ll help each other.”


in life, this soul could manifest in being your narcissistic mother, your father who’s never there, your partner who treats you cruelly and disrespectfully.


if your soul’s assignment is to find faith, it’s only logical that firstly, it has to experience real faithlessness, a moment (or, if need be, many many more than one) in life where nothing makes sense anymore, everything’s gone, all is lost, and the only real thing that’s left is faith. and to experience this, the soul will need some or more tragedies in life – addictions, diseases, terrible losses, catastrophes – planet earth is full of possibilities.


the soul now, oblivious to emotions and physical sensations like pain and fear, takes all it needs, and off it goes to the place where eternity and life on earth are separated – let’s say, some kind of portal.


excited to go and do the assignment, the soul waits for the moment of its conception – the manifestation of a new life.

survival training

all of that sounds easy enough – like in school: we get an assignement, we sollect all we need for it, and then we find a nice place where we can focus all our attention on the task.


but there’s that one thing that makes it really, really difficult – the moment the soul steps through the portal and enters the world we’re living now, it hides. completely overwhelmed by what this world really has in store, by the sudden experience of having a body that can hurt, emotions that become overpowering, five senses that show the surroundings in a completely different pattern than the soul knows, other people around, relationships, expectations, projections – that’s a lot to take in. actually, it seems a bit too much, doesn’t it?


just a tiny little bit.


in order to survive, the soul needs to adjust to this world, and that becomes the first task on earth. so we learn to adapt. we learn from our experiences, and slowly, piece by piece, a personality is forming, some kind of “mirror of our experiences”, also a picture to the world about who we are – to them.


the soul has learned that having a personality is important in this world, to be some-body. Meaning, some kind of a body.


over time, we (that is, our personality) become protective of that some-body, and if another some-body comes attacking or questioning it, we start to fight. the ego is born.


do you already see the problem? in order to stay alive, we build a personality based on what we’ve experienced so far. in order to defend it, we need an ego. and the confusion begins.


so where is our soul now?


it never left. it’s still there, but in hiding. other than the ego who’s always on edge because it senses attacks and possible destroyal everywhere, the soul is not scared to be attacked. it’s not scared to be destroyed, because the soul can’t be destroyed. to the soul, there will be no difference whatsoever. no matter what happens to the ego, no matter what happens to the body – the soul will do the assignment, and when it’s done, it will go back, and choose another one. with another personality that builds another ego.


communication with our home

ego and personality can be intimidating. the fact that in order to survive we slowly unlearn how to connect to our true “identity” (which i put in quotes because souls don’t have an identity. that’s a totally human thing. we’ll get back to that in another post) is also admittedly extremely frightening. as well as the notion of ‘having to lose your ego in order to reconnect with your soul’.


so this is the moment when i bring you the good news:


you don’t.


you don’t need to lose anything to reconnect with your soul, because the soul is always there. your life is the journey the soul, your soul, in essence, you have chosen. just because you have an ego to survive and defend your personality in this life doesn’t mean you’re disconnected from the source. i believe that this is one of the great misconceptions of our times in spirituality – that we have to do something in order to become ourselves. because we always are. who else but yourself could you be? we always are exactly who, what and where we’re meant to be. we can’t be anything but perfect, because perfections and imperfections are human-made. they are ego-made.


duality, the concept that forces us to divide the world and everything we know in black and white, good and bad, right and wrong, doesn’t exist for the soul. the soul, as part of the universal consciousness, only knows one thing in this world: the assignment.


and the main difference about soul assignments and school assignments?


can you guess?


souls don’t get marks for their work. because for the universal consciousnes, there is no right, there is no wrong.


there’s only experience.


thus, every assignment is a unique masterpiece. and because souls come to life to do their assignments, you already know what that means:

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